Competent and Comprehensive Civil Engineering Services
We Engineer land Development Projects, and Design Flood Mitigation Solutions

Our Mission
To create designs that increase profitability for the client, promote enhancement of the environment, and
improve living pace for the end user.

Our Vision
Our goal is to establish ourselves internationally in designing projects that make a clear and positive
difference in the lives of people and in the improvement of the environment.

Our Values

  • Aim for exceptional dedication to our clients’ interests
  • Strive for commitment to total successof the project
  • Client is entitled to excellent professional service at intensely competitive fees
  • Be responsive, accessible, reliable, and attentive

Our design project experience includes engineering of:

  • Master-planned residential and commercial communities
  • Student housing projects
  • Senior living projects
  • Design of outdoor sport shooting ranges, golf courses, lakes and dams, improvements to
    international raceway facilities, and parks
    Landside airport improvements
  • Landside marine port improvements
  • Concepts, Design, Project Management, Permitting and Coordination Services, including, but not limited to: EPA, DNR, State Historic Preservation Agencies.
  • State, County, and City Level Permits.
  • Endangered Species, FEMA, COE; Construction Administration.
  • Grant Applications; Assembling Teams of Professionals.
  • Management of Consultants and Subcontractors in Applicable Disciplines.
  •  Feasibility Studies through Advanced Concept Development to Completion.

From one lot commercial sites of modest construction cost to projects costing tens of millions of dollars and anchored by major national stores. Work with variety of funding mechanisms including TIF.

From projects of limited scope, costing a small amount in design fees, to developments of thousands of acres costing tens of millions in construction costs. Design styles covering neo-urbanism, clustered, and traditional providing for a variety of single
family attached villas, single family detached homes, PUD and MPC projects with multi-point price options, developments that include habitats, amenities and features of good stewardship of our environment while increasing return on investment.

Encompassing storm water design, sanitary sewers, flood mitigation studies, drainage solutions, lift stations and force main design, water main design, parks, monuments, roadways and roadway improvements with full awareness of the needs of decision makers as they serve their cities, towns, and villages.

The power of our service is defined by:

  • High levels of competence
  • In-depth, rich experience
  • Core strength in project management
  • Exacting engineering standards
  • Focus on detail, timing, and schedules
  • Clear communication and understanding
  • Sensible and insightful answers to complex problems
  • Exceptional dedication to our clients
  • Interests
  • Quality and value designed into each project
  • Strong commitment to total success
  • Prompt, professional service at
  • Competitive prices
  • Responsive, accessible, reliable, attentive
  • Excellent, money-saving advice
  • Foresight and care regarding costs
  • Clear thinking, problem-solving approach
  • Advantages of executive involvement
  • Consistent client satisfaction

At Elkott Engineering, we are recognized for our personal integrity and professional excellence. Our ability to envision the challenges and opportunities, inherent in each project, gives our clients confidence. Cutting-edge capabilities and innovative concepts provide advantages characteristic of the best design thinking. The power of our service is reflected in a long record of successful work.