Client Testimonials







At Elkott Engineering, we are recognized for our personal integrity and professional excellence. Our ability to envision the challenges and opportunities, inherent in each project, gives our clients confidence. Cutting-edge capabilities and innovative concepts provide advantages characteristic of the best design thinking.  power of our service is reflected in a long record of successful work. Below are some of the testimonials that our clients have written, we are proud of these testimonials and would be happy to provide copies of them to our prospective new clients upon request.

“We are delighted to have you on our team. Your personal integrity and professional excellence are very impressive.”

CEO, National Development Company

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your team…From the start, we knew it would be a complex project and, with the change in civil engineers midway through the project, the complexities grew accordingly with deadlines, permitting issues, etc. Since your introduction to the project, you have shown a strong commitment to its success. Your attention to detail and understanding of the critical nature of the timing has been vital to our ability to meet our schedule. In a very short time, we have formed a real “team” to deal with phasing issues, deadlines, scheduling, and numerous third parties.”

Senior Vice President, National Realty Company

”Just a note to thank you for the prompt and professional work you did for us recently.”

Business Owner

Thank you for the superior job that Elkott Engineering did…I found you to have solid engineering advice with a high level of professionalism, very responsive to any request we had, and quick completion with outstanding communication. As you know, we have had experience with other major engineering firms in our area. Simply put, your company is superior in every way. I have no recommendations on any improvements you could make.”

General Manager , Regional Business

“[Elkott] Places the client first…has always been knowledgeable, responsive and professional…of good character and a pleasure to work with.”

President, Architectural Company

“Elkott Engineering is a very professional firm…very prompt…very courteous and has always addressed any issues that may come about.”

Township Road Commissioner

“I hold Sal [Elkott] and his firm in high regard for their excellent civil engineering ability as well as their pragmatic, efficient and professional way of doing business.…Sal has always been a joy to work with personally and his attitude has displayed a fairness, acceptance of accountability, and always seeing value for the client in his work that I do not find equal from many other firms. He treats people, other consultants and clients as team members and respects the opinion of others on the team, as well. He is also unafraid to point out the challenges of each project so these can be addressed and solved systematically and fully. I know that Elkott Engineering is building its fine reputation as a firm on Sal’s personal philosophy of providing excellent service and value while building strong business relationships.”

President, Regional Architectural Firm

Mr. Elkott did an outstanding job with the engineering components of our new Church….. Sal [Elkott] was also a pleasure to work with since he gets personally involved in the project with great concern and care in details for the good of his client. He was proactive in working with the necessary parties such as the city and township and good at following up on any problems we encountered. Our contractors and architects spoke highly of how easy it was to work with Mr. Elkott. I personally enjoyed working with Sal [Elkott] and highly recommend him.


“We take genuine pleasure in recommending both you and your company to anyone who has a need for an experienced and competent engineer. We’re slightly embarrassed to say that we did not know you from “Adam” when [Mr. …] suggested we use you for our development…

Needless to say, we were truly impressed with the comments made by the professionals on the….County Planning & Development Committee. Several had nothing but praise for your remarkable layout and detailed drawings. Your submittal was consistent with one who truly takes pride in his work.

We have every confidence in you and your company. You’ve surpassed our expectations! We could not have asked for a more personable and capable engineer.”

Owner, Residential Development

“Working with Sal [Elkott] has been a real pleasure. He is very professional and the quality and timeliness of his work ranks among the best that I have worked with.”

Public Works Director

“The fact that you have performed so admirably… speaks volumes about your integrity. It is an honor for me to be associated with men of dignity, intelligence, discipline, and substance such as you. Thank you.”

CEO, National Development Company

“Elkott Engineering provided excellent civil engineering services…. They were very effective at managing the approval, design, and construction phases of this project. Most importantly they were great communicators and very responsive to the needs of the project.

The finished product was very cost effective and will meet the needs of our client for years to come. We look forward to working with Sal and his group again in the future.”

Vice President, Regional Construction Management Company

“We have used several engineering firms in the past and through the past few years we have been able to focus all of that work to your company based on the results you have demonstrated… Your firm has definitely stood a head above the rest that we have encountered… Your company’s professionalism and timeliness have been invaluable to us meeting our accelerated development schedules. I thank you for you[r] help and consider your firm to be invaluable partners to our success.”

President, Senior Living Regional Development Company